About Us

CGL is a not-for-profit organization registered in Vallorbe, Switzerland in 2020. All of our founding members come from a diverse range of academic and national backgrounds united together to create a platform for young, globally-minded leaders who aim to work together to tackle global challenges in the following areas: Peace and conflict, Sustainable Development and Technology, Climate Change and Renewable Energy, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship, Gender, Racial Equality and Culture, and Disinformation, Communication and Media. We have regional representatives on every continent and we work together to work for a better world.

Our Mission / Vision

Community of Global Leaders is a community-led not-for-profit organization operating globally with representatives in each continent, with a  vision to provide global leaders a platform  where they can collaborate to solve major global issues by synergizing their individual efforts.

Some of our key objectives include: 

  • Creating a network of like-minded distinguished youth leaders
  • Provide youth opportunities by connecting them with global leaders in topics such as such as integration of women, carbon emissions reductions and other UN SDGs
  • Provide a platform to collaborate and assist with global leaders

Meet our team


Ekaterina Dimitrova

Director of Eastern and Central Europe, Ekaterina Dimitrova is from Bulgaria but was educated in the UK and resides in London. She got involved in political campaigning since her early teenage years when she actively participated in campaigns for Bulgaria to join the EU and for the wider inclusion of minorities in Bulgarian post-communist society. Ekaterina worked on campaigns to protect the status and rights of EU citizens after the 2016 Brexit referendum and is actively involved in climate advocacy. She has written articles that range from geopolitical and business to technology, and recently found her own website geopolitics made simple.

Ekaterina has advised think tanks such as CUNCR with her analysis. She is fluent in four languages and holds a joint bachelors degree in political science and linguistics and masters in marketing.

Abhinav Negi

Abhinav Negi

Director of South Asia and South America region, Abhinav Negi is an IT engineer by education, a social entrepreneur by profession, and a social reformer by passion. Abhinav is the founder of “Kalpavriksha Global IT Solutions,” an online education platform with a vision to bridge the gap between the skills taught in the current education system and the skills required in the future.

He is also a co-founder of “Kalpavriksha Agritech Producer Company Limited,” which aims to promote sustainable livelihood for marginal farmers by building an entrepreneurial ecosystem to tackle the problem of poverty, hunger, and land degradation.

He worked as an Operations Lead for Cognizant Technology Solutions, a Fortune 200 MNC, for 2.5 years. An alumnus of esteemed Global organizations including MASHAV, Young Diplomats Forum, and GSW International Youth Union, Abhinav has also been an active member of “Better Together Challenge” community for more than a year now.

Abhinav firmly believes that “We rise by lifting others,” and it has always driven him to work for inclusive and sustainable development. He believes that this goal can be achieved only by the combined efforts of all passionate changemakers.

Frederik Tchoungui

Frederik Tchoungui

Director of Sub-Saharan Africa Region, Frederik Tchoungui is originally from Cameroon but resides in Paris, France. He currently works as a diplomatic liaison at the UCLG Africa and is also completing his PhD in political science .

Frederik has been active in politics since an early age: first as a youth anti-racism activist during his studies in Lyon, then as a member of the socialist party in France. Frederik was the youngest and only foreign national to work for Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016. He also worked for the governor of Virginia Ralph Northam.

For his career accomplishments, Frederik won the prestigious award for a young leader from Crans Montana Forum. He has authored a book called “Out of my comfort zone” outlining his political vision and career. He also founded his own organisation “Circle Jeraa” helping young entrepreneurs in the Rhone region in France. Frederik frequently speaks at conferences about geopolitics, African politics and other social issues.

Hana Mosavie

Hana Mosavie

Director of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Oceania, Hana Mosavie is the founder of ‘Pomegranate House’, a global governance consultancy that focuses on a prism of culture, individualism and philosophy to integrate women globally.

Hana has spent the past decade actively working on the topics of global governance, gender-based violence and ethnic minority rights.

Hana is currently a visiting lecturer for the MBA in the UK and Oman and is also a policy advisor to the Global Diplomatic Forum and a Trustee for Feast With Us, a charity that uses surplus foods to feed the homeless.

Hana has a decade worth of experience. She has worked as a researcher globally, for the UK Parliament and several charities such as Great Ormond Street Hospitals Children’s Charity and NSPCC.
Hana’s aim to create change in the world derives from her belief that everyone is equal, and by helping each other, we can provide a better life for every single person globally. We have to join together now for our future and the next generations.

Arber Beqa

Arber Beqa

Director of Switzerland,Albania, Kosovo, and North America region, Arber Beqa made his way into politics from a very early age, as the youngest boy during protests for Kosovo independence during the 1999 Kosovo war. He was featured in international media. Arber was born in Switzerland but has roots from Kosovo in the Western Balkans. He actively campaigned during the 2019 elections in Kosovo and has been seeking different ways to build a bridge and create a dialogue between Western and Eastern Europe. Apart from his work in politics, he has worked as an accountant for a decade.