Is it too late for Emmanuel Macron to engage with Moscow?

Is it too…

Strategic dialogue has been at the heart of Emmanuel Macron’s political vision with Russia. Never … Continue reading

Kareem Salem April 10, 2021
Can the E3 save the JCPOA?

Can the E3…

In recent years, tensions in the Middle East have been considerably tense. Since President Donald … Continue reading

Kareem Salem March 15, 2021
Pro and Cons on the implications of exclusive competence and shared competence for the European Union role in global governance.

Pro and Cons…

The European Union as a sui generis organization, is not only a political and economic … Continue reading

Juliana Cici February 26, 2021
Could Ankara and Paris normalise relations?

Could Ankara and…

It is always fascinating to see how the outcome of an American presidential election influences … Continue reading

Kareem Salem February 9, 2021
What role for the EU in Nagorno-Karabakh?

What role for…

Recent events in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh have marked an important shift in geopolitics of the … Continue reading

Kareem Salem January 18, 2021
Repairing Transatlantic Ties Begins with Joe Biden Returning to The Open Skies Treaty

Repairing Transatlantic Ties…

Donald Trump’s antipathy to arms control strikes again. The Trump administration officially withdrew the United … Continue reading

Kareem Salem December 31, 2020


Today we are living in a world that is headed towards insecurity and new challenges, … Continue reading

Juliana Cici and Raymond Axel Mbida December 18, 2020
Boris Johnson’s Brexit Policy Risks Undermining The Special Relationship

Boris Johnson’s Brexit…

Dynamics can change rapidly in politics. Less than a year ago, Boris Johnson hailed his … Continue reading

Kareem Salem December 7, 2020
Do women make better crisis leaders?

Do women make…

The two countries which were most effective in their response with the corona virus outbreak … Continue reading

Ekaterina Dimitrova November 13, 2020
Obstacles to UN Security Council Reform

Obstacles to UN…

There has been a talk about United Nations reform since the very first days of … Continue reading

Ekaterina Dimitrova November 6, 2020
Is it Too Late to Reverse Climate Change?

Is it Too…

Human activities have been changing the environment for centuries. Since Homo Sapiens spread from Africa … Continue reading

Ekaterina Dimitrova September 1, 2020